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(V3.2) solutions to all levels in worlds 1 to 11.

June 9, 2013

NEW: Click here if you want to try some new graBLOX levels, and to find out how to send me your levels.


Because people keep asking — here are solutions to all the levels in GraBLOX v3.2. I use “chessboard notation” as explained here — basically a1 is the bottom left square, h1 is the bottom right, and h12 is the top right.

Level 1- 1: 1.d7
Level 1- 2: 1.a11 2.d7
Level 1- 3: 1.g7 2.f7
Level 1- 4: 1.f10 2.b7
Level 1- 5: 1.c8 2.e6 3.g4
Level 1- 6: 1.c5 2.e6 3.c5
Level 1- 7: 1.e6
Level 1- 8: 1.g7 2.b4
Level 1- 9: 1.e10 2.d5
Level 1-10: 1.b6
Level 1-11: 1.d8 2.d7
Level 1-12: 1.e10 2.g6 3.d5
Level 1-13: 1.f5 2.a6
Level 1-14: 1.g7 2.d5 3.d6
Level 1-15: 1.c11 2.d11 3.e11
Level 1-16: 1.c7 2.e7
Level 1-17: 1.d9 2.d6 3.f6
Level 1-18: 1.d9 2.b7 3.f7 4.d5 5.d7
Level 1-19: 1.a6 2.d8 3.a6 4.d5
Level 1-20: 1.c7 2.d9 3.e5 4.d3
Level 1-21: 1.a6 2.d8 3.a6 4.d11 5.d2 6.d5
Level 1-22: 1.f9 2.h7
Level 1-23: 1.d7
Level 1-24: 1.g7 2.f7
Level 1-25: 1.e10 2.a8 3.c6 4.g4

Level 2- 1: 1.d6
Level 2- 2: 1.d12 2.d6 3.c3
Level 2- 3: 1.f5 2.e7
Level 2- 4: 1.b10 2.d5 3.e11
Level 2- 5: 1.f7 2.f6 3.c6
Level 2- 6: 1.d3 2.d4 3.f2
Level 2- 7: 1.d7 2.b6
Level 2- 8: 1.c11 2.b1 3.f5
Level 2- 9: 1.c9 2.f11 3.f5
Level 2-10: 1.d10 2.e6 3.f5
Level 2-11: 1.d4 2.d5 3.e3
Level 2-12: 1.c7 2.e8
Level 2-13: 1.e9 2.d7 3.c8 4.c7
Level 2-14: 1.c8 2.g6 3.e7
Level 2-15: 1.f7 2.b11 3.b10 4.f6
Level 2-16: 1.c6 2.e3
Level 2-17: 1.c10 2.d5 3.f4
Level 2-18: 1.d7 2.e8 3.c6
Level 2-19: 1.g10 2.g7 3.f12
Level 2-20: 1.e4 2.d6
Level 2-21: 1.g5 2.d10 3.c7
Level 2-22: 1.c6 2.d4 3.f5
Level 2-23: 1.a10 2.d11 3.d10
Level 2-24: 1.c8 2.g1 3.e6
Level 2-25: 1.d9 2.c6 3.d4

Level 3- 1: 1.a8 2.g6 3.c4 4.d1
Level 3- 2: 1.f6 2.c5 3.a5
Level 3- 3: 1.c10 2.e7
Level 3- 4: 1.c11 2.a7 3.f6
Level 3- 5: 1.d6 2.f8
Level 3- 6: 1.e8 2.c9 3.f7
Level 3- 7: 1.c6 2.f9 3.e8
Level 3- 8: 1.d7 2.d10 3.c5 4.e5
Level 3- 9: 1.g9 2.h3 3.g3 4.f9 5.e9
Level 3-10: 1.g7 2.d10 3.c8 4.e6
Level 3-11: 1.d10 2.c6 3.d3
Level 3-12: 1.d6 2.e7 3.c5
Level 3-13: 1.e4 2.d10 3.f4 4.g6
Level 3-14: 1.c7 2.e10 3.d7
Level 3-15: 1.d11 2.b10 3.e8 4.c10
Level 3-16: 1.g9 2.b8 3.g9 4.c5 5.e10
Level 3-17: 1.f9 2.c8 3.g6 4.d5 5.e7
Level 3-18: 1.c10 2.c9 3.f3 4.e7 5.e6
Level 3-19: 1.d8 2.e5 3.c9
Level 3-20: 1.h9 2.a8 3.b7 4.h7 5.c5 6.b7
Level 3-21: 1.a8 2.c6 3.d12 4.d2
Level 3-22: 1.e8 2.c6 3.e4
Level 3-23: 1.h1 2.g10 3.a1 4.d7 5.g9 6.b1
Level 3-24: 1.b10 2.h4 3.e1 4.d1
Level 3-25: 1.a12 2.g11 3.b5 4.g5 5.f2 6.c8

Level 4- 1: 1.d6 2.b6
Level 4- 2: 1.c9 2.e7
Level 4- 3: 1.c7 2.c7 3.a7
Level 4- 4: 1.c7 2.e7 3.d5
Level 4- 5: 1.d6 2.g7
Level 4- 6: 1.c6 2.a6 3.c8 4.e3
Level 4- 7: 1.f9
Level 4- 8: 1.d9 2.e6
Level 4- 9: 1.d6 2.g5 3.d6 4.d4
Level 4-10: 1.d6 2.e2 3.f6
Level 4-11: 1.e4 2.e6
Level 4-12: 1.c5 2.e8
Level 4-13: 1.b10 2.a11 3.e6 4.e2
Level 4-14: 1.c10 2.e4 3.e10 4.g10
Level 4-15: 1.c9 2.g7 3.g11 4.f6 5.f9 6.b3 7.b11
Level 4-16: 1.d8 2.b8 3.f8
Level 4-17: 1.c11 2.g9 3.c5
Level 4-18: 1.c5 2.d4 3.a4 4.d4 5.d2
Level 4-19: 1.d9 2.f7 3.d4 4.d7
Level 4-20: 1.d9 2.d2 3.d7 4.d11
Level 4-21: 1.f1 2.d5
Level 4-22: 1.a3 2.f2 3.h2 4.d8
Level 4-23: 1.e11 2.e9 3.c9 4.c4
Level 4-24: 1.c11 2.e10 3.g7 4.c4 5.g6
Level 4-25: 1.d5 2.d8 3.h6 4.d11 5.d5

Level 5- 1: 1.a11 2.g7 3.d1
Level 5- 2: 1.a11 2.d7 3.b5
Level 5- 3: 1.f10 2.c10 3.h1 4.b11
Level 5- 4: 1.g11 2.b4 3.a7 4.d3
Level 5- 5: 1.f8 2.c8 3.h1 4.h8 5.b11
Level 5- 6: 1.b11 2.e11 3.f7 4.c3 5.d7
Level 5- 7: 1.h9 2.a6 3.d12
Level 5- 8: 1.e7 2.d11 3.a3 4.h3 5.b1 6.g1
Level 5- 9: 1.g10 2.c12 3.a3 4.h1
Level 5-10: 1.h9 2.d12 3.a7 4.b7 5.a7 6.d5
Level 5-11: 1.e5 2.b6 3.a9
Level 5-12: 1.d8 2.a5 3.f4
Level 5-13: 1.d10 2.c8 3.b7 4.g7 5.d8
Level 5-14: 1.d8 2.d3 3.d6 4.d7
Level 5-15: 1.c10 2.g5 3.a1 4.d4
Level 5-16: 1.h9 2.a6 3.d12 4.f1
Level 5-17: 1.h9 2.d8 3.d5
Level 5-18: 1.d11 2.d6
Level 5-19: 1.d10 2.d7 3.d8 4.b1 5.a12
Level 5-20: 1.g12 2.a11 3.d6 4.b4 5.d2
Level 5-21: 1.a6 2.a12 3.h1 4.g7
Level 5-22: 1.c10 2.d2 3.c12 4.h11 5.a1
Level 5-23: 1.a11 2.f4 3.g7 4.d3
Level 5-24: 1.a12 2.g7 3.b7 4.d2 5.a4 6.a4 7.d2 8.d5
Level 5-25: 1.a12 2.h12 3.d6 4.a1 5.h1

Level 6- 1: 1.b11 2.g9 3.c3 4.h5
Level 6- 2: 1.e9 2.h6 3.a3
Level 6- 3: 1.g8 2.b9
Level 6- 4: 1.d9 2.c8 3.c6 4.d5 5.d7
Level 6- 5: 1.d12 2.a6 3.h1
Level 6- 6: 1.c12 2.a10 3.g2
Level 6- 7: 1.d12 2.g10 3.h6 4.a8 5.a3
Level 6- 8: 1.f3 2.d5 3.h7 4.f11 5.c10 6.a8 7.a2
Level 6- 9: 1.h8 2.d10 3.a3 4.e5 5.b12 6.g1
Level 6-10: 1.a8 2.h5 3.f11 4.b3 5.g12
Level 6-11: 1.a7 2.e6 3.e10 4.d12 5.d4 6.a3
Level 6-12: 1.c12 2.h7 3.d6 4.a5 5.e1
Level 6-13: 1.c9 2.f6 3.c3
Level 6-14: 1.d10 2.b12 3.a3 4.a10
Level 6-15: 1.d12 2.c10 3.b9 4.a1
Level 6-16: 1.f12 2.b11 3.c9 4.f12 5.b11 6.f12 7.c5 8.f11
Level 6-17: 1.e8 2.e11
Level 6-18: 1.h9 2.h12 3.h7 4.b6 5.c10 6.h7 7.b6 8.h7 9.h9 10.h12 11.f9 12.e12 13.a11 14.h12 15.c10 16.f9 17.e12 18.h9 19.b6 20.c10 21.f9 22.h7 23.c2 24.c1 (note that I haven’t ruled out the existence of a 23-move solution — but I can’t find one).
Level 6-19: 1.d9 2.h2 3.d5 4.h12 5.e5 6.b6 7.c1
Level 6-20: 1.a5 2.b7 3.d6 4.c9 5.e8 6.a5 7.d8
Level 6-21: 1.h11 2.d8 3.c3 4.f3 5.a1
Level 6-22: 1.f3 2.h5 3.a5 4.f9 5.f11 6.h9 7.b11
Level 6-23: 1.a1 2.a2 3.h2 4.g2 5.g12 6.a1 7.a2
Level 6-24: 1.d10 2.g10 3.f10 4.c9 5.f6 6.f7 7.g10 8.b7
Level 6-25: 1.e7 2.a7 3.g7 4.g10 5.f4 6.f5

Level 7- 1: 1.d7
Level 7- 2: 1.d8
Level 7- 3: 1.c6
Level 7- 4: 1.c6
Level 7- 5: 1.d12 2.h9 3.b4 4.f1
Level 7- 6: 1.e6 2.c8 3.g4 4.b1
Level 7- 7: 1.d9 2.b8 3.g8 4.d4
Level 7- 8: 1.e7 2.b5 3.c6 4.d7 5.a6
Level 7- 9: 1.e9 2.b9 3.a4 4.g6
Level 7-10: 1.f11 2.d9 3.f5 4.f9 5.d3 6.d5
Level 7-11: 1.c12 2.f8 3.e11 4.g10
Level 7-12: 1.d8 2.a1 3.c6
Level 7-13: 1.a10 2.g8 3.f5 4.c7 5.a4
Level 7-14: 1.d10 2.h4 3.c4 4.c10
Level 7-15: 1.c5
Level 7-16: 1.f9 2.a5 3.g11
Level 7-17: 1.e10 2.a7 3.g5 4.d6 5.c2 6.b3
Level 7-18: 1.h10 2.g6 3.e11 4.h10
Level 7-19: 1.b7 2.f11 3.h10 4.e3
Level 7-20: 1.c6 2.c3 3.h6
Level 7-21: 1.d12 2.g11 3.d11 4.d12 5.d1 6.g2 7.d2 8.d1
Level 7-22: 1.c11 2.f7 3.c3 4.e7 5.c10
Level 7-23: 1.d10 2.b8 3.f3 4.d3
Level 7-24: 1.h7 2.e6 3.e7 4.d8 5.d7
Level 7-25: 1.e10 2.c8 3.d8 4.a6 5.g4 6.a2

Level 8- 1: 1.e12 2.a4 3.c2
Level 8- 2: 1.d5 2.a10 3.c11
Level 8- 3: 1.b10 2.h11 3.f10
Level 8- 4: 1.e12 2.d11 3.a4 4.b4 5.g4 6.f1
Level 8- 5: 1.g12 2.h7 3.a6 4.c7
Level 8- 6: 1.g9 2.d3 3.b2
Level 8- 7: 1.f8 2.g6 3.c5
Level 8- 8: 1.d4 2.d8 3.f6
Level 8- 9: 1.f4 2.d7
Level 8-10: 1.c10 2.a9
Level 8-11: 1.a11 2.d5 3.h7
Level 8-12: 1.c9 2.g9 3.e4 4.c4 5.g4
Level 8-13: 1.a7 2.c5 3.g7
Level 8-14: 1.d12 2.d11 3.d7 4.d5 5.d12 6.a10 7.h10
Level 8-15: 1.g9 2.d7 3.e4 4.c3
Level 8-16: 1.f12 2.b9 3.e2 4.b1 5.g2 6.b4
Level 8-17: 1.e10 2.h8 3.a6 4.a9 5.g6 6.a3 7.e2
Level 8-18: 1.f3 2.b12 3.a8 4.g6 5.d3
Level 8-19: 1.b3 2.e3 3.c7
Level 8-20: 1.b6 2.e9 3.c6
Level 8-21: 1.f9 2.b7 3.e9 4.d6
Level 8-22: 1.b12 2.c10 3.a8 4.h7 5.g5 6.e2
Level 8-23: 1.f8 2.b4 3.h10
Level 8-24: 1.f12 2.c7 3.a10 4.h6 5.b2
Level 8-25: 1.a10 2.g10 3.d5 4.d1 5.f12

Level 9- 1: 1.d6
Level 9- 2: 1.f7 2.f5 3.b12
Level 9- 3: 1.c5 2.f7 3.g1 4.f8 5.d1
Level 9- 4: 1.h10 2.b7
Level 9- 5: 1.d6 2.h8 3.a3
Level 9- 6: 1.e12 2.a6 3.h6 4.c1
Level 9- 7: 1.b12 2.h4 3.f2
Level 9- 8: 1.h11 2.c9 3.e5 4.c3 5.a3 6.d1
Level 9- 9: 1.e8 2.f5 3.c4 4.g6 5.a1
Level 9-10: 1.d9
Level 9-11: 1.b10 2.a11 3.f7 4.d6 5.g5
Level 9-12: 1.d11 2.f9 3.a6 4.e7 5.g4
Level 9-13: 1.h12 2.g12 3.g4 4.e1
Level 9-14: 1.b7 2.d9 3.g7
Level 9-15: 1.f10 2.d11 3.b5 4.a5 5.f1 6.c1
Level 9-16: 1.b12 2.c12 3.a9 4.g5
Level 9-17: 1.a12 2.g5 3.e1 4.e2
Level 9-18: 1.d8 2.g11 3.a3
Level 9-19: 1.c9 2.e9 3.e2 4.e12 5.b6
Level 9-20: 1.e7 2.c10 3.g4
Level 9-21: 1.a12 2.b12 3.h1 4.h2
Level 9-22: 1.f12 2.a9 3.f4 4.d7 5.h1
Level 9-23: 1.b12 2.g12 3.a8 4.e6 5.g1 6.b1
Level 9-24: 1.e5 2.a3 3.f4 4.h4 5.b8 6.a5 7.h9 8.f7 9.e9 10.d3 11.h10 12.a10 13.c10 (I composed this level :-) )
Level 9-25: 1.f11 2.d9 3.h7 4.e2 5.a2
Level 10- 1: 1.a10 2.c9 3.f8 4.e5 5.d2 6.h10
Level 10- 2: 1.c9 2.f5 3.e7
Level 10- 3: 1.g12 2.a9 3.c7 4.e9 5.h6 6.a2
Level 10- 4: 1.d12 2.e8 3.b5 4.e4 5.a11
Level 10- 5: 1.e11 2.e2 3.b8 4.h6
Level 10- 6: 1.e12 2.h6 3.c5 4.d5 5.g8
Level 10- 7: 1.e10 2.e4 3.b1 4.a3 5.h12
Level 10- 8: 1.d9 2.g7 3.b6 4.e4
Level 10- 9: 1.g6 2.a8 3.h4 4.c10 5.b11 6.f3
Level 10-10: 1.c12 2.g4 3.b9 4.h8 5.f1
Level 10-11: 1.d11 2.b10 3.g10 4.d5
Level 10-12: 1.a11 2.c9 3.b4 4.h8 5.g1
Level 10-13: 1.a12 2.c10 3.f4 4.h1
Level 10-14: 1.e6 2.b3 3.a8
Level 10-15: 1.c11 2.e9 3.g11 4.b6 5.d4 6.f4 7.a2
Level 10-16: 1.b12 2.g7 3.c5 4.g1 5.e7
Level 10-17: 1.b12 2.g9 3.c7 4.g4 5.c6
Level 10-18: 1.h12 2.a9 3.b7 4.f2
Level 10-19: 1.c10 2.b11 3.d9 4.e8 5.g6 6.f7
Level 10-20: 1.a12 2.h12 3.a1 4.h1
Level 10-21: 1.e4 2.f11 3.d2
Level 10-22: 1.h9 2.h12 3.e1 4.b6
Level 10-23: 1.c11 2.d6 3.f7 4.h3 5.a1
Level 10-24: 1.d10 2.b6 3.g3
Level 10-25: 1.b10 2.g9 3.a5 4.g3 5.a2 6.h6

Level 11- 1: 1.d7 2.d3
Level 11- 2: 1.c8 2.e4 3.e1 4.c12
Level 11- 3: 1.d1 2.c1 3.c12
Level 11- 4: 1.c7 2.d5 e.e3 4.b9 5.a9
Level 11- 5: 1.h10 2.h4 3.h5 4.h6 5.h1
Level 11- 6: 1.g9 2.g1 3.g9 4.g1 5.e6 6.a6 7.e6 8.a6 9.a1
Level 11- 7: 1.g6 2.b6 3.a6 4.d1
Level 11- 8: 1.e6 2.e2 3.h6 4.h3 5.h2
Level 11- 9: 1.a3 2.a2 3.h3 4.f9 5.f3 6.f12
Level 11-10: 1.e6 2.d6 3.h6 4.g6 5.h1 6.h12 7.h6 8.f4 9.f9
Level 11-11: 1.a7 2.h7 3.g7 4.g12 5.g11 6.a11 7.b11 8.b1 9.e3 10.b2 11.h9 12.h7 13.e11 14.a5 15.a11 16.g12 17.f1 18.b1 (note: 18 moves!)
Level 11-12: 1.a7 2.h6 3.h1 4.a1
Level 11-13: 1.e6 2.e1 3.e5 4.e12
Level 11-14: 1.d6 2.f9 3.a9 4.h6 5.a9 6.a12 7.h1
Level 11-15: 1.h12 2.f8 3.e5 4.c6 5.d7 6.a2 7.h2
Level 11-16: 1.h1 2.h1 3.e12 4.a12 5.e4 6.f2
Level 11-17: 1.d2 2.a2 3.e7 4.h3 5.e7 6.e2 7.b2 8.a2
Level 11-18: 1.a6 2.h11 3.h8 4.a1 5.h4 6.a1 7.h1
Level 11-19: 1.a4 2.h4 3.e7 4.e4 5.e11 6.b6 7.g6 8.e6 9.e12
Level 11-20: 1.a4 2.e1 3.g10 4.d12 5.b6 6.f8 7.a12 8.c12 9.e11
Level 11-21: 1.b1 2.h3 3.e12 4.a12 5.b1 6.g12 7.a12 8.a1 9.h1
Level 11-22: 1.c4 2.a4 3.h4 4.b9 5.h1
Level 11-23: 1.d4 2.a4 3.g4 4.a4 5.d1 6.d2 7.d1 8.a12
Level 11-24: 1.a2 2.e6 3.h6 4.a1 5.a12 6.e6 7.a6
Level 11-25: 1.b6 2.e6 3.b6 4.h6 5.g6 6.a6 7.h6

In v3.1 of graBLOX, MobilityWare’s recommended number of moves was too big for levels 9-24, 10-7, 10-9 and 10-25; this has now been fixed in v3.2, but I can now beat their recommended number of moves in level 11-11 ;-)

According to my computer program (which may have bugs!) the solutions above are minimal solutions to all the levels in worlds 1 to 10, other than 6-18 and 09-24 for which I’m not sure, because the levels are too complicated to solve by brute force. For world 11 I’ll need to find the time to implement how the new block “pushy” works before I can say anything about optimality of solutions.

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