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(V3.1) solutions to all levels in worlds 1 to 10.

June 9, 2013

NEW: Click here if you want to try some new graBLOX levels, and to find out how to send me your levels.


Because people keep asking — here are solutions to all the levels in GraBLOX v3.1. I use “chessboard notation” as explained here — basically a1 is the bottom left square, h1 is the bottom right, and h12 is the top right.

Level 1- 1: 1.d7
Level 1- 2: 1.a11 2.d7
Level 1- 3: 1.g7 2.f7
Level 1- 4: 1.f10 2.b7
Level 1- 5: 1.c8 2.e6 3.g4
Level 1- 6: 1.c5 2.e6 3.c5
Level 1- 7: 1.e6
Level 1- 8: 1.g7 2.b4
Level 1- 9: 1.e10 2.d5
Level 1-10: 1.b6
Level 1-11: 1.d8 2.d7
Level 1-12: 1.e10 2.g6 3.d5
Level 1-13: 1.f5 2.a6
Level 1-14: 1.g7 2.d5 3.d6
Level 1-15: 1.c11 2.d11 3.e11
Level 1-16: 1.c7 2.e7
Level 1-17: 1.d9 2.d6 3.f6
Level 1-18: 1.d9 2.b7 3.f7 4.d5 5.d7
Level 1-19: 1.a6 2.d8 3.a6 4.d5
Level 1-20: 1.c7 2.d9 3.e5 4.d3
Level 1-21: 1.a6 2.d8 3.a6 4.d11 5.d2 6.d5
Level 1-22: 1.f9 2.h7
Level 1-23: 1.d7
Level 1-24: 1.g7 2.f7
Level 1-25: 1.e10 2.a8 3.c6 4.g4

Level 2- 1: 1.d6
Level 2- 2: 1.d12 2.d6 3.c3
Level 2- 3: 1.f5 2.e7
Level 2- 4: 1.b10 2.d5 3.e11
Level 2- 5: 1.f7 2.f6 3.c6
Level 2- 6: 1.d3 2.d4 3.f2
Level 2- 7: 1.d7 2.b6
Level 2- 8: 1.c11 2.b1 3.f5
Level 2- 9: 1.c9 2.f11 3.f5
Level 2-10: 1.d10 2.e6 3.f5
Level 2-11: 1.d4 2.d5 3.e3
Level 2-12: 1.c7 2.e8
Level 2-13: 1.e9 2.d7 3.c8 4.c7
Level 2-14: 1.c8 2.g6 3.e7
Level 2-15: 1.f7 2.b11 3.b10 4.f6
Level 2-16: 1.c6 2.e3
Level 2-17: 1.c10 2.d5 3.f4
Level 2-18: 1.d7 2.e8 3.c6
Level 2-19: 1.g10 2.g7 3.f12
Level 2-20: 1.e4 2.d6
Level 2-21: 1.g5 2.d10 3.c7
Level 2-22: 1.c6 2.d4 3.f5
Level 2-23: 1.a10 2.d11 3.d10
Level 2-24: 1.c8 2.g1 3.e6
Level 2-25: 1.d9 2.c6 3.d4

Level 3- 1: 1.a8 2.g6 3.c4 4.d1
Level 3- 2: 1.f6 2.c5 3.a5
Level 3- 3: 1.c10 2.e7
Level 3- 4: 1.c11 2.a7 3.f6
Level 3- 5: 1.d6 2.f8
Level 3- 6: 1.e8 2.c9 3.f7
Level 3- 7: 1.c6 2.f9 3.e8
Level 3- 8: 1.d7 2.d10 3.c5 4.e5
Level 3- 9: 1.g9 2.h3 3.g3 4.f9 5.e9
Level 3-10: 1.g7 2.d10 3.c8 4.e6
Level 3-11: 1.d10 2.c6 3.d3
Level 3-12: 1.d6 2.e7 3.c5
Level 3-13: 1.e4 2.d10 3.f4 4.g6
Level 3-14: 1.c7 2.e10 3.d7
Level 3-15: 1.d11 2.b10 3.e8 4.c10
Level 3-16: 1.g9 2.b8 3.g9 4.c5 5.e10
Level 3-17: 1.f9 2.c8 3.g6 4.d5 5.e7
Level 3-18: 1.c10 2.c9 3.f3 4.e7 5.e6
Level 3-19: 1.d8 2.e5 3.c9
Level 3-20: 1.h9 2.a8 3.b7 4.h7 5.c5 6.b7
Level 3-21: 1.a8 2.c6 3.d12 4.d2
Level 3-22: 1.e8 2.c6 3.e4
Level 3-23: 1.h1 2.g10 3.a1 4.d7 5.g9 6.b1
Level 3-24: 1.b10 2.h4 3.e1 4.d1
Level 3-25: 1.a12 2.g11 3.b5 4.g5 5.f2 6.c8

Level 4- 1: 1.d6 2.b6
Level 4- 2: 1.c9 2.e7
Level 4- 3: 1.c7 2.c7 3.a7
Level 4- 4: 1.c7 2.e7 3.d5
Level 4- 5: 1.d6 2.g7
Level 4- 6: 1.c6 2.a6 3.c8 4.e3
Level 4- 7: 1.f9
Level 4- 8: 1.d9 2.e6
Level 4- 9: 1.d6 2.g5 3.d6 4.d4
Level 4-10: 1.d6 2.e2 3.f6
Level 4-11: 1.e4 2.e6
Level 4-12: 1.c5 2.e8
Level 4-13: 1.b10 2.a11 3.e6 4.e2
Level 4-14: 1.c10 2.e4 3.e10 4.g10
Level 4-15: 1.c9 2.g7 3.g11 4.f6 5.f9 6.b3 7.b11
Level 4-16: 1.d8 2.b8 3.f8
Level 4-17: 1.c11 2.g9 3.c5
Level 4-18: 1.c5 2.d4 3.a4 4.d4 5.d2
Level 4-19: 1.d9 2.f7 3.d4 4.d7
Level 4-20: 1.d9 2.d2 3.d7 4.d11
Level 4-21: 1.f1 2.d5
Level 4-22: 1.a3 2.f2 3.h2 4.d8
Level 4-23: 1.e11 2.e9 3.c9 4.c4
Level 4-24: 1.c11 2.e10 3.g7 4.c4 5.g6
Level 4-25: 1.d5 2.d8 3.h6 4.d11 5.d5

Level 5- 1: 1.a11 2.g7 3.d1
Level 5- 2: 1.a11 2.d7 3.b5
Level 5- 3: 1.f10 2.c10 3.h1 4.b11
Level 5- 4: 1.g11 2.b4 3.a7 4.d3
Level 5- 5: 1.f8 2.c8 3.h1 4.h8 5.b11
Level 5- 6: 1.b11 2.e11 3.f7 4.c3 5.d7
Level 5- 7: 1.h9 2.a6 3.d12
Level 5- 8: 1.e7 2.d11 3.a3 4.h3 5.b1 6.g1
Level 5- 9: 1.g10 2.c12 3.a3 4.h1
Level 5-10: 1.h9 2.d12 3.a7 4.b7 5.a7 6.d5
Level 5-11: 1.e5 2.b6 3.a9
Level 5-12: 1.d8 2.a5 3.f4
Level 5-13: 1.d10 2.c8 3.b7 4.g7 5.d8
Level 5-14: 1.d8 2.d3 3.d6 4.d7
Level 5-15: 1.c10 2.g5 3.a1 4.d4
Level 5-16: 1.h9 2.a6 3.d12 4.f1
Level 5-17: 1.h9 2.d8 3.d5
Level 5-18: 1.d11 2.d6
Level 5-19: 1.d10 2.d7 3.d8 4.b1 5.a12
Level 5-20: 1.g12 2.a11 3.d6 4.b4 5.d2
Level 5-21: 1.a6 2.a12 3.h1 4.g7
Level 5-22: 1.c10 2.d2 3.c12 4.h11 5.a1
Level 5-23: 1.a11 2.f4 3.g7 4.d3
Level 5-24: 1.a12 2.g7 3.b7 4.d2 5.a4 6.a4 7.d2 8.d5
Level 5-25: 1.a12 2.h12 3.d6 4.a1 5.h1

Level 6- 1: 1.b11 2.g9 3.c3 4.h5
Level 6- 2: 1.e9 2.h6 3.a3
Level 6- 3: 1.g8 2.b9
Level 6- 4: 1.d9 2.c8 3.c6 4.d5 5.d7
Level 6- 5: 1.d12 2.a6 3.h1
Level 6- 6: 1.c12 2.a10 3.g2
Level 6- 7: 1.d12 2.g10 3.h6 4.a8 5.a3
Level 6- 8: 1.f3 2.d5 3.h7 4.f11 5.c10 6.a8 7.a2
Level 6- 9: 1.h8 2.d10 3.a3 4.e5 5.b12 6.g1
Level 6-10: 1.a8 2.h5 3.f11 4.b3 5.g12
Level 6-11: 1.a7 2.e6 3.e10 4.d12 5.d4 6.a3
Level 6-12: 1.c12 2.h7 3.d6 4.a5 5.e1
Level 6-13: 1.c9 2.f6 3.c3
Level 6-14: 1.d10 2.b12 3.a3 4.a10
Level 6-15: 1.d12 2.c10 3.b9 4.a1
Level 6-16: 1.f12 2.b11 3.c9 4.f12 5.b11 6.f12 7.c5 8.f11
Level 6-17: 1.e8 2.e11
Level 6-18: 1.h9 2.h12 3.h7 4.b6 5.c10 6.h7 7.b6 8.h7 9.h9 10.h12 11.f9 12.e12 13.a11 14.h12 15.c10 16.f9 17.e12 18.h9 19.b6 20.c10 21.f9 22.h7 23.c2 24.c1 (note that I haven’t ruled out the existence of a 23-move solution — but I can’t find one).
Level 6-19: 1.d9 2.h2 3.d5 4.h12 5.e5 6.b6 7.c1
Level 6-20: 1.a5 2.b7 3.d6 4.c9 5.e8 6.a5 7.d8
Level 6-21: 1.h11 2.d8 3.c3 4.f3 5.a1
Level 6-22: 1.f3 2.h5 3.a5 4.f9 5.f11 6.h9 7.b11
Level 6-23: 1.a1 2.a2 3.h2 4.g2 5.g12 6.a1 7.a2
Level 6-24: 1.d10 2.g10 3.f10 4.c9 5.f6 6.f7 7.g10 8.b7
Level 6-25: 1.e7 2.a7 3.g7 4.g10 5.f4 6.f5

Level 7- 1: 1.d7
Level 7- 2: 1.d8
Level 7- 3: 1.c6
Level 7- 4: 1.c6
Level 7- 5: 1.d12 2.h9 3.b4 4.f1
Level 7- 6: 1.e6 2.c8 3.g4 4.b1
Level 7- 7: 1.d9 2.b8 3.g8 4.d4
Level 7- 8: 1.e7 2.b5 3.c6 4.d7 5.a6
Level 7- 9: 1.e9 2.b9 3.a4 4.g6
Level 7-10: 1.f11 2.d9 3.f5 4.f9 5.d3 6.d5
Level 7-11: 1.c12 2.f8 3.e11 4.g10
Level 7-12: 1.d8 2.a1 3.c6
Level 7-13: 1.a10 2.g8 3.f5 4.c7 5.a4
Level 7-14: 1.d10 2.h4 3.c4 4.c10
Level 7-15: 1.c5
Level 7-16: 1.f9 2.a5 3.g11
Level 7-17: 1.e10 2.a7 3.g5 4.d6 5.c2 6.b3
Level 7-18: 1.h10 2.g6 3.e11 4.h10
Level 7-19: 1.b7 2.f11 3.h10 4.e3
Level 7-20: 1.c6 2.c3 3.h6
Level 7-21: 1.d12 2.g11 3.d11 4.d12 5.d1 6.g2 7.d2 8.d1
Level 7-22: 1.c11 2.f7 3.c3 4.e7 5.c10
Level 7-23: 1.d10 2.b8 3.f3 4.d3
Level 7-24: 1.h7 2.e6 3.e7 4.d8 5.d7
Level 7-25: 1.e10 2.c8 3.d8 4.a6 5.g4 6.a2

Level 8- 1: 1.e12 2.a4 3.c2
Level 8- 2: 1.d5 2.a10 3.c11
Level 8- 3: 1.b10 2.h11 3.f10
Level 8- 4: 1.e12 2.d11 3.a4 4.b4 5.g4 6.f1
Level 8- 5: 1.g12 2.h7 3.a6 4.c7
Level 8- 6: 1.g9 2.d3 3.b2
Level 8- 7: 1.f8 2.g6 3.c5
Level 8- 8: 1.d4 2.d8 3.f6
Level 8- 9: 1.f4 2.d7
Level 8-10: 1.c10 2.a9
Level 8-11: 1.a11 2.d5 3.h7
Level 8-12: 1.c9 2.g9 3.e4 4.c4 5.g4
Level 8-13: 1.a7 2.c5 3.g7
Level 8-14: 1.d12 2.d11 3.d7 4.d5 5.d12 6.a10 7.h10
Level 8-15: 1.g9 2.d7 3.e4 4.c3
Level 8-16: 1.f12 2.b9 3.e2 4.b1 5.g2 6.b4
Level 8-17: 1.e10 2.h8 3.a6 4.a9 5.g6 6.a3 7.e2
Level 8-18: 1.f3 2.b12 3.a8 4.g6 5.d3
Level 8-19: 1.b3 2.e3 3.c7
Level 8-20: 1.b6 2.e9 3.c6
Level 8-21: 1.f9 2.b7 3.e9 4.d6
Level 8-22: 1.b12 2.c10 3.a8 4.h7 5.g5 6.e2
Level 8-23: 1.f8 2.b4 3.h10
Level 8-24: 1.f12 2.c7 3.a10 4.h6 5.b2
Level 8-25: 1.a10 2.g10 3.d5 4.d1 5.f12

Level 9- 1: 1.d6
Level 9- 2: 1.f7 2.f5 3.b12
Level 9- 3: 1.c5 2.f7 3.g1 4.f8 5.d1
Level 9- 4: 1.h10 2.b7
Level 9- 5: 1.d6 2.h8 3.a3
Level 9- 6: 1.e12 2.a6 3.h6 4.c1
Level 9- 7: 1.b12 2.h4 3.f2
Level 9- 8: 1.h11 2.c9 3.e5 4.c3 5.a3 6.d1
Level 9- 9: 1.e8 2.f5 3.c4 4.g6 5.a1
Level 9-10: 1.d9
Level 9-11: 1.b10 2.a11 3.f7 4.d6 5.g5
Level 9-12: 1.d11 2.f9 3.a6 4.e7 5.g4
Level 9-13: 1.h12 2.g12 3.g4 4.e1
Level 9-14: 1.b7 2.d9 3.g7
Level 9-15: 1.f10 2.d11 3.b5 4.a5 5.f1 6.c1
Level 9-16: 1.b12 2.c12 3.a9 4.g5
Level 9-17: 1.a12 2.g5 3.e1 4.e2
Level 9-18: 1.d8 2.g11 3.a3
Level 9-19: 1.c9 2.e9 3.e2 4.e12 5.b6
Level 9-20: 1.e7 2.c10 3.g4
Level 9-21: 1.a12 2.b12 3.h1 4.h2
Level 9-22: 1.f12 2.a9 3.f4 4.d7 5.h1
Level 9-23: 1.b12 2.g12 3.a8 4.e6 5.g1 6.b1
Level 9-24: 1.e5 2.a3 3.f4 4.h4 5.b8 6.a5 7.h9 8.f7 9.e9 10.d3 11.h10 12.a10 13.c10 (note: 13 moves!)
Level 9-25: 1.f11 2.d9 3.h7 4.e2 5.a2
Level 10- 1: 1.a10 2.c9 3.f8 4.e5 5.d2 6.h10
Level 10- 2: 1.c9 2.f5 3.e7
Level 10- 3: 1.g12 2.a9 3.c7 4.e9 5.h6 6.a2
Level 10- 4: 1.d12 2.e8 3.b5 4.e4 5.a11
Level 10- 5: 1.e11 2.e2 3.b8 4.h6
Level 10- 6: 1.e12 2.h6 3.c5 4.d5 5.g8
Level 10- 7: 1.e10 2.e4 3.b1 4.a3 5.h12 (note: 5 moves)
Level 10- 8: 1.d9 2.g7 3.b6 4.e4
Level 10- 9: 1.g6 2.a8 3.h4 4.c10 5.b11 6.f3 (note: 6 moves)
Level 10-10: 1.c12 2.g4 3.b9 4.h8 5.f1
Level 10-11: 1.d11 2.b10 3.g10 4.d5
Level 10-12: 1.a11 2.c9 3.b4 4.h8 5.g1
Level 10-13: 1.a12 2.c10 3.f4 4.h1
Level 10-14: 1.e6 2.b3 3.a8
Level 10-15: 1.c11 2.e9 3.g11 4.b6 5.d4 6.f4 7.a2
Level 10-16: 1.b12 2.g7 3.c5 4.g1 5.e7
Level 10-17: 1.b12 2.g9 3.c7 4.g4 5.c6
Level 10-18: 1.h12 2.a9 3.b7 4.f2
Level 10-19: 1.c10 2.b11 3.d9 4.e8 5.g6 6.f7
Level 10-20: 1.a12 2.h12 3.a1 4.h1
Level 10-21: 1.e4 2.f11 3.d2
Level 10-22: 1.h9 2.h12 3.e1 4.b6
Level 10-23: 1.c11 2.d6 3.f7 4.h3 5.a1
Level 10-24: 1.d10 2.b6 3.g3
Level 10-25: 1.b10 2.g9 3.a5 4.g3 5.a2 6.h6 (note: 6 moves)

Note that in v3.1 of graBLOX, MobilityWare’s recommended number of moves is too big for worlds 9-24, 10-7, 10-9 and 10-25. I am particularly proud of 9-24, which I can do in 13 and MobilityWare could only do in 15 ;-)

According to my computer program (which may have bugs!) the solutions above are minimal solutions to all the levels, other than 6-18 and 09-24 for which I’m not sure, because the levels are too complicated to solve by brute force.

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